domingo, 19 de outubro de 2008

Versão 2.0

Versão 2.0 - 23 de Outubro, 21.30
Teatro Aveirense, Sala Estúdio

Inês Negrão, Luís Mouta e Jorge Loura

Reais Jogos Virtuais / Real Virtual Games

Real Virtual Games (RVG) is a co-autored transdisciplinary project. An alternative hybrid embodied architecture for live and avatar inhabitants, RVG questions the immersive interfaces of videogames and social places (Second Life), in its deployment of handicapted (dis)embodiments.

Reais Jogos Virtuais

Mocap Session
MovLab, Universidade Lusofona
Lisboa, Julho 2008

Jorge Goncalves (Performer)
Ines Negrao (Performer)
Jose Maria Dinis (Mocap MovLab Technician)
Isabel Valverde (Artistic Director)

All material presented were is from the project web site.

segunda-feira, 6 de outubro de 2008

Movlab - Motion Capture - Dance

Motion Capture made in University Lusófona in the Movlab lab. Its was capture in a Vicon optical system with 8 cameras.

The render its plotted directly from Motionbuilder.

Thanks to Inês Negrão, the dancer.

Movlab - Motion Capture - Dance from movlab on Vimeo.